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+32 470.303.038

Jeroen Den Haerynck

T: +32 477.687.639

Jeroen is renowned in the world of temperature-controlled cargo; he contributed over 20 years of knowledge at the start of MTSL Surveys.

His broad knowledge of maritime, air and road transport is highly regarded by all our clients.

"The objective of MTSL Surveys is to be more than expertise. Our customers have to find an instrument that allows them to improve their business results."

Simon Den Haerynck

Director / Senior Expert
T: +32 495.263.383

Simon Den Haerynck has been (hyper)active in the field of fresh fruits and vegetable QC for over 10 years, working with an extensive range of specialized companies to ensure his knowledge on every available product on the market.

To match his practical expertise, he has cleared all 24 required A and P modules and graduated (cum laude) as a quality inspector for fresh fruits and vegetables within 3 years of starting the course.

Ghislain Stoop

Back Office Expert
T: +32 478.459.040

Ghislain Stoop started his career with international logistics & transport: import & export of Sea & Road freight of containers of various countries and goods. His passion for fruit made him join the fresh fruit and vegetable business in 2015.

His knowledge of back office, quality control and surveys on multiple temperature controlled fresh products can save costs for our principals in case any unforeseen problems might occur.

Stijn Mertens

Junior Surveyor

Stijn Mertens is an upcoming survey force to be reckoned with! After working as a registered nurse and car salesman (MTSL had been his loyal and happy customer for over 8 years prior to his career switch), Stijn decided to take on a new challenge. He sent us a spontaneous application letter and the rest is history in the making.

Under the wings of Jeroen and Simon, he has quickly acquired all the necessary know-how to become a junior surveyor for Quality Studio. With his insatiable hunger for knowledge, procedures and legislation, combined with a keen eye for detail, he has proven to be a natural talent for surveys on all products AGF, and is still expanding his horizon on a daily basis!

Thomas Den Haerynck

Back Office Support / Junior Surveyor Nuts

As Master in Ancient History and German Language, he started his professional career in the Customer Service Agent in the Medical supplies industry. Later he switched industries and spent the last 8 years supporting the back office of well-known Underwriters.

His move into MTSL added value for the company as he took ownership of nuts, a new activity developed by MTSL Surveys.

Driven by perfection and well-trained in German, Thomas is a junior surveyor and back office responsible.

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Each expert is screened and approved by insurance companies.

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